⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ URP Car Paint Shader – Published By Akıllı Mum

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Please read the latest documentation here


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Asset Title: URP Car Paint Shader

Publisher: Akıllı Mum

Category: vfx, shaders

More Details about this asset:

Please read the latest documentation here

Only supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP)!

Mega Bundle is HERE

MODELS or TEXTURES which are used in videos or screenshots ARE NOT INCLUDED in package!

Shader supports;

Locally corrected realtime-cubemap reflections,

Livery (transparent layer)

Decal (transparent layer)

Dirt/Mud/Dust (alpha cutoff transparent layer)

All this extra maps has UV selection (for 2020.2 and above)


2 colors fresnel effect (3 colors for 2020.2 and above)

Also it can be used on car glass, rims, wheels or other parts; so you can make tires dirty, decaled glasses etc. (also Real time reflections will affect them too).

Floor (planar) reflection is another package and can be found HERE

Based on universal render pipeline’s PBR Lit shader, so supports everything it supports (lightmaps, shadows, texture, bump, emission etc.)!

Tested on Mac, PC, WebGL, iOS and android but should work on every platform that supports URP.

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