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Asset Title: Sunfall Supersampling (SSAA & Resolution Scaling)

Publisher: Sunfall Games

Category: vfx, shaders, fullscreen-camera-effects

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Sunfall SuperSampling brings one of the best anti-aliasing techniques to your Unity3D project: be it a game, a VR application or an archviz presentation, now you can achieve stunning image quality with just one click!

NEW! Now with HDRP & URP support for 2019.4, 2020.3!

Full details about platform/pipeline compatibility: Compatibility List

NOTE: HDRP and URP requires the following addons to be downloaded and installed:


  • Supports HDRP & URP: Version 2021 introduced full support for Scriptable Render Pipelines on Unity 2019.4 and newer! In order to get support for the render pipeline, their respective are required. Check the note above for more info!
  • FSSAA and TSSAA techniques: Super Sampling as used by AAA studios – combines the power of SSAA with the versatility of FXAA or temporal reprojection. (TSSAA is only available for HDRP)
  • Image Sharpening: Version 2022.1 introduced support image sharpening at all res. scales on all pipelines!
  • Works with camera stacking: Version 2022.1 introduced support for camera stacking on Built-in and Universal Render Pipelines!
  • The best AA solution for VR: Supports all the popular desktop VR devices in both single and multi pass rendering.
  • High Compatibility: Supports all Unity3D versions starting from 2017 up to current (also compatible with older versions but not officially tested)
  • Multiple uses: Our SuperSampling system also works perfectly in cinematics, off-screen rendering and arch-viz applications.
  • Resolution Scaling: Ability to scale the resolution by percent, such as seen in the settings menus of many AAA titles. This allows the users to change the render resolution without affecting the UI/HUD.
  • Adaptive Scaling: Ability to automatically adjust the render resolution, based on a target frame rate.
  • Per Axis Scaling: Ability to scale the resolution on each axis independently.
  • High-Res Screenshots: Take screenshots at higher resolution than your screen (also with super sampling).

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