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Asset Title: Retro Look Pro

Publisher: limitless unity development

Category: vfx, shaders, fullscreen-camera-effects

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Retro Look Pro is the best classic post-processing effect, that will bring to your game fantastic old-school classic look.

It emulates screen bleeding , artifacts , tape noise , interlacing, shake, glitches and other effects. It is the best and complete solution for retro like games, 80’s/90’s/CRT/VHS/Glitch/TV look, security cameras or robotic eyes.

Fully suitable for Desktop, Mobile, WebGL. Works with Unity 2019 and higher.

Built-In & Universal & High Definition & Lightweight Render Pipeline support.

28 effects with 150+ parameters. Fully configurable within the inspector and through scripts.

Post Processing stack v2 ,URP, HDRP effects versions included.

• Mask effects with texture

• Apply effects to any layer separately

• Profile-based settings

• Blend effects through local or global volumes

• Cinemachine support

• Custom render ordering

• Works separately on UI elements (Standard&LWRP&URP)

• Full C# and GLSL source code is provided.

• All shaders support the SRP Batcher.

• Great performance on mobile.

This asset will give you lots of options and easy to implentation. Just slap it on your camera, adjust preset and you’re good to go.



All effects showcase

– VHS Tape rewind effect

– TV effect

– VHS effect

– Scanlines

– Ultimate Vignette

– Bleed effect

– Analog TV noise

– NTSC encode effect

– CRT aperture effect

– Custom texture passthrough option

– Low Resolution effect

– Phosphor tube noise effect

– Glitch One

– Glitch Two

– Glitch Three

– Distortion

– Noise

– Fisheye Vignette

– Pulsating vignette

– Colormap Palette

– Old Film

– Negative

– Edge Noise

– Edge Stretch

– Picture Correction

– Trail Artefacts

– Cinematic bars

– Warp




Limitless Glitch Effects – Advanced glitch effects.




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