LUT Pack for Beautify – Published By Kronnect

This asset costs just $15 for Beautify users


beautify, Camera Effect, post processing, LUTs, Color Grading, Image Effect, filter, lut, URP, Shader

Short Description:

This asset costs just $15 for Beautify users


Discount: None

Asset Title: LUT Pack for Beautify

Publisher: Kronnect

Category: vfx, shaders, fullscreen-camera-effects

More Details about this asset:

This asset costs just $15 for Beautify users.

Contains 220 LUTs including artistic/cinematic styles and tints for Beautify in 10 categories:

– Ambient: 22.

– Artistic: 32.

– Cinematic (inspired in movies): 31.

– Graded/Variations: 12.

– Consoles (including CGA, Game Boy, ZX Spectrum, …): 18.

– Retro/Vintage: 8.

– Tints Color Mask: 15.

– Tints Single Color: 24.

– Tints Dual Colors: 21.

– Tints Complex: 37.

Screenshots provided by Mana Station, ReversedInt and Tidal Flask Studios for presentation only. Scenes not included in this asset.

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