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v1.0.11 Improved mobile compatibility and performance

v1.0.11 Improved mobile compatibility and performance

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Flawless Stroke-Based Rendering Technology ready for AAA Games

Jiffycrew Hatching is a flawless stroke-based rendering technology ready for AAA games. It is basically an implementation of tonal-art-map-based hatching, which was introduced in “Real-Time Hatching” SIGGRAPH paper ( This implementation provides several important improvements from the original theory such as post-processing approach for better usability and filtering techniques to handle stroke-aliasing. This asset also provides carefully created 2048×2048 high-resolution tonal-art-map textures for ball pen, pencil, and sign pen styles. We believe the resulting rendering quality is enough to be used even for AAA games.

No replacement of materials. Just Add a Script to Your camera.

While most implementations of tonal-art-map hatching requires replacing materials of game objects, Jiffycrew Hatching provides one-click application of the rendering style. Once JiffycrewHatching script is added onto the camera, the scene is rendered in hatching immediately. Users do not need to replace the materials of existing game objects anymore.

Only 1.2ms on FHD for computation (GTX2070)

We believe we minimized the computational cost of this asset while keeping the quality of the rendering. The resulting performance is very high. For 1920×1080 scenes, the asset only takes 1.2ms for computation on GTX2070 graphics card. Our rendering examples in the screenshot were rendered at about 350+ fps.

Color hatching

Jiffycrew Hatching also provides color hatching. The color hatching actually generates color strokes rather than blending the strokes with underlying color shading. See beautiful revolutionary color hatching examples in our screenshots.

2048×2048 tonal-art-map textures

Creating high-quality tonal art map stroke textures requires excellent hand drawing skills to make source strokes, deep understanding of tonal art map structure, and careful implementation of tonal-art-map building algorithm which is very briefly outlined in “Real-Time Hatching” paper. In making this asset, we carefully implemented the tonal art map building system and included three 2048×2048 tonal art maps for pencils, ball pens, and sign pens in the pack.

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