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NEW! URP 12 Decal samples

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NEW! URP 12 Decal samples

FREE for


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Asset Title: Amplify Shader Pack

Publisher: Amplify Creations

Category: vfx, shaders

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NEW! URP 12 Decal samples

FREE for Amplify Shader Editor owners.

Checkout at no cost, be sure to use the same account that has your ASE license.

Over 180 curated shaders made with Amplify Shader Editor, ready to use and fully editable. From basic shader types, varied VFX such as Dissolves and Deformations, to specific Terrain examples and custom purpose shaders with supporting scripts.

Editor not required to use, only needed to edit/update

  • HDRP, URP, and Built-in Renderer
  • Fully Customizable

Sample catalogue: Official Wiki

A great starting point to develop your own shaders, you can make them your own with our award-winning shader editor. Add new effects, change properties or convert between renderers, there are no limits to what you can tweak.

* * Technical Considerations * *

  • These shaders have been created with Unity 2019.4.
  • Built-in shaders will work with any Unity version.
  • Includes HDRP/URP shaders been created for SRP 7xx to 9xx and 10xx to 11xx. You need Amplify Shader Editor to update these shaders in order to make them work properly with other SRP versions. The included shader will be updated whenever necessary, depending on future SRP changes.
  • Please note that using HDRP/URP shaders with a different SRP version without updating them will likely render incorrectly or show as Pink/Magenta. This is expected, shaders must be open with the editor and saved to automatically update them to a different supported SRP version.

** Amplify Shader Editor sold separately **

For additional details on Amplify Shader Editor, check our Overview Video and Manual.

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