⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sci-Fi Vehicle Constructor – Published By Slava Z.

The pack is a part of Mech Constructor series, and can be expanded by


Short Description:

The pack is a part of Mech Constructor series, and can be expanded by

The Spiders and Tanks

The Humanoid Robots

The Turrets
, and the other assets.

The textures match, and the parts are interchangeable.

The pack contains over 300 prefabs of different modules, that will allow you to create numerous combinations of flying, land vehicles and spaceships. Demo scene contains 40 assembled units.

The units are easy to assemble – most of the modules have snapping points for the other parts. Just drop the parts into the corresponding containers and they’ll snap right onto place.

The poly count of units varies from 4000 to 8000 tris.



– Plane landing gear and small container legs: pack, unpack
– Propellers: rotation animation – simple and with the blurred effect
– Cannons: recoil animations
– The “Claw” part: pinch, grab and convert to landing gear
– Root Motion animations for buggies: go forward, turn
– Root Motion container for flying units. Drop the assembled vehicle inside and control its motion with animations: moving forward, strafing, turning, takeoff, landing


Tightly packed hand-painted 4k diffuse atlas (7 color variations included),
PBR textures,
color ID map to create custom color shader, and a normal map.
Source .PSD file included. A room for downsizing the texture –
the Sketchfab preview is with 2k textures.

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