Water Waves 2D – Published By Andrii

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Water Waves 2D is the effect for simulating 2D water surfaces with configurable properties, such as colors, sounds and properties of the waves.

– Modify how thick is your simulated liquid by seting the speed of oscilations, how fast they spread and how fast they decay.
– Set frequency, size and force of random ripples to simulate rain or uncalm water surface.
– Water can be a rectangle with a top surface or a circular surface.
– Respects project’s Time Scale setting.
– Supports sprite sorting layers.

How does it work?
It creates a 2D mesh with a trigger collider and buoyancy effector and keeps and array of points. On trigger enter and exit it applies forces to the points, calculates their new positions based on spring equations and updates vertex positions of the mesh.

What it cannot do?
Right now it doesn’t support texturing or any kind. It only uses the default sprite shader and doesn’t not have shaders to create any effects. It also does not generate any particles yet. These features can be added in the future, especially if they’ll be requested.

My Twitter | Forum thread | Online demo | Online manual

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