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Doppler, volumetric, sound, mesh, reverb, Audio

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💡 Easy To Use ― Explore the numerous demo scenes, and get going in just a few clicks. All components follow Unity’s inspector design style, has intuitively named settings, and includes detailed tooltip text. If you’re a programmer then full C# source code is also included, allowing you to create and modify anything you like!

💡 Long Term Support ― Volumetric Audio has received updates for over 7 years. Thank you to everyone who has rated, reviewed, and provided feedback so far!

💡 Optimized ― Enjoy high performance volumetric sounds. Each component has been heavily optimized, giving you minimal performance impact.

💡 Volumetric Shapes ― Allow you to emit sound from boxes, spheres, capsules, and even custom meshes.

💡 Compound Shapes ― Allow you to make complex shapes from multiple simpler ones, so you can create any kind of shape you like.

💡 Hollow Shapes ― Allow you to emit sound from the hollow shell of boxes, spheres, capsules, line paths, and custom meshes.

💡 Mesh Baking ― If you want to emit sounds from a high poly mesh then you can bake the volumetric mesh data for maximum performance.

💡 Occlusion ― Allows objects in the way to block your sound volume, increasing the realism and immersion.

💡 Audio Reverb Zones ― Easily make these volumetric too, for truly atmospheric scenes.

💡 Rotating Doppler ― Experience the doppler effect from rotating volumetric sounds as they pass by the camera.

💡 Whizzing ― Allows you to hear sounds only if they pass close by your ears, like whizzing bullets.

💡 Integration ― Works great with RT-Voice PRO, Radio PRO, and DJ PRO.

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