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Realtime Lidar viewer for Velodyne Lidars
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Realtime Lidar viewer for Velodyne Lidars
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Currently supported devices
– Ultrapuck (VLP-32C)
– Puck (VLP-16)

– Realtime playback from device UDP stream (NOTE: Requires direct connection with LAN cable, WIFI loses too many UDP packages)
– PCAP playback (including large pcap file streaming)
– Record into PCAP file from live stream
– Special shaders to allow point cloud customization (colors, gradients, shape, size by distance etc)
– DX11 viewer and Mesh viewer
– Supports Windows and Android* devices (might work on Mac and Linux, but not officially supported)
– Supports VR and Oculus Quest supported (*Note android limitations below)
– Full C# source code (no DLL’s)

*Android: PCAP file playback only, UDP connection loses too many packages for realtime playback

– Note: No URP/HDRP support yet

Note: VELODYNE is a trademark of Velodyne LiDAR, Inc. – they are not associated with this package

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