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Try for free with UModeler Lite

Try for free with UModeler Lite

New Feature: Hotspot texturing feature has been shipped!

  • Unity Awards 2018 Best Development Tool Finalist
  • The PastelTown-BuiltInRP-UModeler package is included by default as a demo asset – Pastel Town Asset

Modeling Moonglow Village in Unity with UModeler [80.lv]

Level Design in Unity: Witch’s Cauldron [80.lv]

Level Design in Unity: Blocking Out a Cyberpunk Scene with UModeler [80.lv]

Modeling a Mech Robot in Unity with UModeler [80.lv]

UModeler for Unity [80.lv]

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Release Note | Contact.Support@tripolygon.com

UModeler provides you with the best convenient environment for low-poly 3D modeling and prototyping within Unity.


1) Export & Import processes are not necessary to create your world anymore.

• You can edit and manipulate 3D meshes immediately without leaving Unity in the final environment context.

• You can see the shader/VFX results instantly every time you modify a base mesh.

• You can modify and tweak meshes made with external DCC software (Blender, 3ds Max, Maya etc) in Unity.

2) Sketch-based 3D modeling technique

• Various drawing tools and PushPull tool enable you to create your 3D shapes in intuitive ways.

• You can prototype your level very quickly with this feature.

3) Powerful and solid 3D modeling tools and UV Editor(Tool List)

• You can create 3D assets and levels quickly with about useful and various 150 tools.

• UModeler provides 3D primitive shapes which can be adjusted by parameters.

• You can even unwrap any mesh and edit UVs in Unity using the built-in UV Editor

4) Compatibility

ProBuilder : Neat conversion of ProBuilder mesh.

Polybrush : UModeler mesh edit using Polybrush seamlessly.

Surforge : UModeler works well with PBR texturing as well.

5) Plentiful learning materials, and active online communites.

• Tutorial videos with narrations for beginners and intermediate users.

• Lots of Timeline and Full-making videos which include how to model 3D assets with UModeler.

• Many users are active in Discord and Unity forum. You can ask anything or share your know-how and artworks there.

We are sure that UModeler is very helpful for the following people.

• Level Designer

• 3D Modeler

• Concept Artist

• Technical Artist(TA)

• VFX Artist

• Programmer

• Indie Game Developer

• And more


• Refunds can only be granted if you haven’t downloaded the asset.

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