⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ultimate Gif & Screenshot Tool – Published By Tangled Reality Studios

Make marketing easy with instant share buttons!

Easily take gifs and HD screenshots during gameplay!

Speedy captures with async re…


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Short Description:

Make marketing easy with instant share buttons!

Easily take gifs and HD screenshots during gameplay!

Speedy captures with async re…

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Asset Title: Ultimate Gif & Screenshot Tool

Publisher: Tangled Reality Studios

Category: tools, camera

More Details about this asset:

Make marketing easy with instant share buttons!

Easily take gifs and HD screenshots during gameplay!

Speedy captures with async readbacks and background saving!

Display screenshots or play gifs on in game textures!

Use filters like gray scale, inverted, and sepia!

Quality support, demo, and documentation!

Full source code included!

Works on ALL platforms!

Screenshot DemoGif DemoScreenshot DocumentationGif Documentation

-Boost your productivity:

– Capture all your app store resolutions in one click!

Instant share buttons! #screenshotsaturday, #giffriday and #indiedevhour buttons that appear at exactly the right time and enable you to share to Twitter in 2-clicks!

Perfect for updating social media with your latest build!

– Save to all platforms including the iOS Camera Roll, the Android Gallery, and the downloads folder on WebGL!

Use for debugging with options to add version information, date, and custom information to your screenshots. Plus tools for highlighting bugs!

Hotkeys for quick capture during gameplay.

– Loads of Recording Options:

– Record gifs with transparency, reverse, and/or ping pong mode for epic highlights!

– Record and playback gifs in different fps for the ultimate slow-mos or super speed craziness!

– Record the last few seconds to always save that perfect moment or for a set amount of time when you know the action is about to start!

– Show screenshots and gifs in game to highlight cool gameplay moments!

– Take SceneView shots for dynamic angles without breaking your cameras!

– Capture multiple photos at once: burst, multiple resolutions, multi-language, multi-screen, multi-cutout and more!

Texture transformations to crop, layer, resize, and apply shaders to ANY texture.

Plus tools to create gradients, custom color palettes, and fully custom gifs.

– Loads of capture options: layer textures into the background or foreground of your screenshots, create custom cutouts to capture different sections of the screen, and specify objects show or hide objects during capture! Add custom logos, hide busy UI, or show a build number by selecting GameObjects to automatically enable/disable during screenshots! Totally customizable!

– Edit your screenshots or gifs after capture!

– View the last screenshot/gif or the folder with the touch of a button.

– Option to customize gif background to be transparent or a solid color.

– Threaded when possible during gif saving and importing from save files.

– DontDestroyOnLoad option with features to automatically update the cameras when you switch scenes (during gameplay).

– Save in JPG or PNG with selectable JPG quality setting.

– Includes custom code to show the Canvases in render mode “Screen Space – Overlay.” A special case that many other plugins don’t handle!

– Tested repeatedly for many use cases (GUILayout, all Canvas render modes, render textures within the scene, and changes made just before/after screenshots).

– Events to allow programmers to create custom code to handle their own special cases.

– Optional gridlines to help you line up shots that disappear before you take them.

– Additional scripts such hotkey scripts, GameView controls, & various extensions!

This asset uses Native Gallery, Native Share, Twity, SimpleJSON.cs, Moments, UniGif, and Dispatcher under MIT License and Screenshot Sound Effects under Creatives Commons 0 Public Doman; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

Please email me at jacob@tangledrealitystudios.com or tweet @tangled_reality with any questions, comments, or feature requests.

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