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Asset Title: Ultimate Fog of War

Publisher: Max Proude

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Patch notes below.

ULTIMATE FOG OF WAR is a complete Fog of War solution for any kind of game. It is highly customizable, reliable and easy to use. Thanks to threading, it is also very fast and enables you to use hundreds of Units even on mobile. It comes with all necessary Shaders and only requires a few clicks to set it up. For games that don’t use Terrain, it is possible to set up ULTIMATE FOG OF WAR with only a few lines of code.

How it works:
First you have to define an area in which Fog of War will be calculated. Every REVEALER in this area will ‘cast light’ onto the map. The light can be blocked, using STATIC, HEIGHT or DYNAMIC BLOCKERS. The result will be stored in a global texture that Shaders can use to darken or lighten Objects. This is more precise than using a plane to display fog while being faster than projected Fog of War.

All necessary Terrain Shaders are included in this bundle:

-Terrain Shaders (Diffuse, Standard, Specular)
-Terrain Details

-Speed Tree & Speed creator


On top of that, the documentation contains a SHADER ADAPTION GUIDE for Vertex and Fragment programs and Surface Shaders. New Shaders can be created using the provided SHADER TEMPLATES.

Update 1.7b

-Compatibility update for 2019 and 2020 version
-New contact info

Update 1.7

-Version 1.7 comes with a lot of new shaders such as Particles Standard and Standard (roughness)

-New 3D mode: Use this simplified version to make Fog work on all 3 axis. This is very useful whne making a game such as “Planetary Annihilation” or “Supreme Commander”.

-Fog of War Entity replaces the example unit. Put this component on a GameObject to turn it into a revealer.

Update 1.6

-Smarter Shaders: Shaders now require less code and are organized smarter resulting in easier to read code and fewer shaders.

-Added the possibility to add multiple Hard Blocker ID’s. on multiple patches simultaniously. That is a handy feature for Building placement. Also possible to use in the editor.

-Reveal masks: Now every Faction can reveal multiple factions. This makes it much easier to set up observers and teams etc.

-Performance optimizations: The solver and theeditor should perform much better.

Update 1.3

-A new version of the Standard Shader is now available and can be used with FoW and Horizontal games

-The Grid can now be scaled to cahnge its density

-The Origin of the Terrain/ Canvas can now be changed

Update 1.2

-You can now create vertical games like platformers using sprites or any other geometry.

-Vision modifiers (aka tall grass from LoL and Dota). You can now define patches to be a Vision modifier that will block your vision if not standing inside.

-Additional debug options

-It is now possible to edit the resistence Map inside the editor

Update 1.1

-It is now possible to calculate the visibility for all factions simultaniously. This enables the usage of servers (instead of P2P).

-Save and Load a FogMap state to recreate a savegame exactely.

-Fixed some bugs in the Terrain Shaders.

-Improved the FoV solver.

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