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Distant Lands presents:

Tailor: Low Poly Modular Character Creator!

Build endless, customizable characters to populate your game worlds! Easily create, swap, customize, and save with the in-game UI. Co-ordinate outfits, skin tones, and hair color with the extendable coloring scripts, and easily add new items with the on-board editor tools!


– Runtime customization with JSON formatting.

– Comes with 166 character sections and two character types in 15 aesthetics, 21 hair colors, and 21 skin tones.

– Save characters to scriptable objects to be loaded later dynamically without taking up one of the six slots.

– Extendable stat system controls warmth, armor, stealth, and agility depending on which clothing items you choose to equip.

– Edit materials at runtime to have maximum control over coloring.

– Quickly create new character types with the on-board editor tools.

– Modular with other Distant Lands assets so you can easily customize with other character packages.

– Comprehensive, auto-generated, in-game UI for simple variable changes.

– Save characters as static prefabs to reduce editor overhead or as dynamic characters for ultimate customization.

– Dynamic randomization feature dynamically selects from predetermined palettes and sections, ensuring outfits and characters always co-ordinate!

– Comes with 25 static characters out-of-the-box with tools to create many more.

– Easy setup within your project with dynamic prefabs that adjust to fit your specific needs.

– (NEW!) Dynamic props system allows you to place static prefabs onto your characters for maximum customization.

Contains NO animations

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