Strongest Chess AI : Stockfish – Published By Freedom Developer

Check out Chess Game Mechanism : Legendary Edition if you need a p…


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Check out Chess Game Mechanism : Legendary Edition if you need a p…


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Asset Title: Strongest Chess AI : Stockfish

Publisher: Freedom Developer

Category: tools, ai

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Check out Chess Game Mechanism : Legendary Edition if you need a perfect chess game template or AI with lower minimum ELO range, all with Stockfish AI included. You may as well test ELO of Stockfish AI in this package with the demo.

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5)WEBGL (Google Chrome & Firefox), Safari and Edge is not supported.

*Note :

This package contain the git url of the Stockfish dependency that i build and a demo of how it is being used, check out the documentation.

The Stockfish dependency is capable of analysing the best move for a given position based on the predetermined SKILL(Difficulty) LEVEL & THINKING TIME and return the result to C# script. This package DOES NOT include C# chess logic & chess rules code. The simple GUI provided is just for DEMO purposes. You might need to develop your own chess logic to restrict the input of different chess piece movement, but it will not crash with illegal move.

Stockfish dependency functions :

  • Initialize c++ stockfish instance.

  • Initialize stockfish instance with desire chess position with Forsyth-Edwards Notation(FEN).

  • Initialize stockfish instance with custom skill level and thinking time, AI will be stronger the higher the value of both skill level(can be negative value) and thinking time. Configurable ELO range is in between 500ELO ~ 3100 ELO.

  • Make a move in the stockfish instance.

  • Make special moves including castle, en-passant and pawn promotion(to bishop/knight/rook/queen) in the stockfish instance.

  • Undone a move in the stockfish instance.

  • Restart the stockfish instance with a custom or new position.

  • Search for best move for current board position based on the level and thinking time stockfish instance is set and return the result to C#.

  • Unity Editor log will show the stockfish instance board position in string ascii format on each move.

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