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&#x1F4E7 octamodius@yahoo.com
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Short Description:

&#x1F4E7 octamodius@yahoo.com
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Supported render pipelines:
-URP – &#x26A0 Note: &#x26A0 the scene gizmo is not available when using URP;

Welcome to Runtime Transform Gizmos!

RTG is a scripting API which allows you to easily incorporate transform gizmos at runtime (in-game).

Being able to transform objects at runtime using a set of intuitive and professional gizmos can be extremely valuable especially if you are working on a runtime editor or a game in which the player can move, rotate and scale objects. Want to build a modding tool for your players? Then you definitely need some way to allow them to manipulate the objects in the scene and this plugin will prove to be invaluable for such tasks!

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Try the Demo:
&#x1F3AE RTG Demo

Get started with video tutorials:
&#x1F3A5 Quick Overview (Using the Demo Scene)
&#x1F3A5 Plugin Initialization
&#x1F3A5 Creating Gizmos & Assigning Objects
&#x1F3A5 Simple Gizmo Manager (Enabling & Disabling Gizmos)
&#x1F3A5 Multiple Target Objects
&#x1F3A5 Transform Spaces
&#x1F3A5 Mesh & Center Pivots
&#x1F3A5 Custom Object Local Pivot
&#x1F3A5 Custom World Pivot

Complete video list can be found here.

Main Features:
&#x2B50 Move Gizmo (with vertex snapping)
&#x2B50 Rotation Gizmo
&#x2B50 Scale Gizmo
&#x2B50 Universal Gizmo (move/rotate/scale)
&#x2B50 Snapping for All Gizmos
&#x2B50 Transform Spaces (Global & Local)
&#x2B50 5 Transform Pivots (Mesh Pivot, Group Center, Object Center Pivot, Custom World Pivot, Custom Object Local Pivot)
&#x2B50 Gizmo Events (Enabled, Disabled, HoverEnter, HoverExit, DragBegin, DragEnd, DragUpdate)
&#x2B50 Gizmo Hover Info
&#x2B50 Gizmo Drag Info
&#x2B50 Multiple Gizmos in The Scene at the Same Time
&#x2B50 Object Transform Restrictions
&#x2B50 Multiple Viewports
&#x2B50 Undo/Redo

Bonus Features:
&#x2B50 Scene Gizmo
&#x2B50 Scene Grid
&#x2B50 Navigation Camera (move, pan, rotate, orbit)

RTG is only a small part of a larger and much more powerful plugin called Runtime Level Design. This pack contains so many features out of the box that will literally save you hours and hours of work!

&#x1F4E7 octamodius@yahoo.com
API Docs | Forum | Video Tutorials

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