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beat detection, beat tracking, rhythm, bpm, Tempo, music analysis, @CoverFirst#

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RhythmTool is a straightforward scripting package for Unity, with all the basic functionality for creating games that react to music.

RhythmTool can analyze an entire song before playing it, or while it’s being played.

There are a number of types of data it provides:
• Beats
• Onsets
• Pitch
• Changes in overall intensity
• Volume

This data can be used in various ways and is provided through an easy to use asset and event system. The RhythmTool editor lets you inspect and edit analyzed songs.

Use AudioImporter to load any song in-game.

All source files included.

RhythmTool is designed to analyze and sync songs with a known length. Unfortunately it is not possible to analyze a continuous stream of data, like a web stream or mic input.

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