⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Module for Game Creator 1.0 – Published By Vexstorm Studios


The Real-Time Strategy (RTS) module for Game Creator is a compliment of software and tools, to help in the creation of a RTS styled game, …


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The Real-Time Strategy (RTS) module for Game Creator is a compliment of software and tools, to help in the creation of a RTS styled game, …

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Asset Title: Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Module for Game Creator 1.0

Publisher: Vexstorm Studios

Category: tools, game-toolkits

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The Real-Time Strategy (RTS) module for Game Creator is a compliment of software and tools, to help in the creation of a RTS styled game, faster and easier, with the use of our array of custom system, templates and tools..

Our Features-

  • Basic & Advanced RTS Cameras
    • Two Options are better than just one!
  • Custom Resource Maker
    • – Make anything a Resource!
  • Custom Unit Maker
    • – Configure your custom Units!
  • Basic AI Maker
    • – Easily expand using your own code!
  • Game State Maker
    • -Easy way to control the states of any game!
  • Scenario Maker
    • – You decide when a game should end
  • Terrain Creator & Modifier
    • – Make Terrain, and Modify it with our noise implementation
  • Spawn Generator
    • – Spawning made easier while editing your scenes
  • Fog of War System
    • – RTS style, 1st and 3rd person Fog of War. Yes Please!
  • Basic MiniMap functionality
    • – The basics get you started
  • UI Template Interface and Elements
    • – Upgraded with a sliding right panel, custom popup, guides, and supporting panels.
    • – Character and Resource UI elements
  • Full Resource Gathering System
    • – RTS Style, 1st and 3rd Person implementations
  • Complete Custom Events System
    • – Easy to access Event Callbacks, to easily expand upon further
  • Custom Designed Sound Effects
    • – Over 60 Unique Sound Effects
  • Custom Designed Voice Phrases
    • – Over 28 Unique Phrases
    • – 3 Unique Voices (Male, Female, and Robot)
  • Game Creator Specific
    • – Over 30 New Custom Triggers
    • – 7 New Custom Actions (and growing)
  • Many New Demo Scenes to test it all out
    • 8 New Scenes Complete
      • – Each Scene has a Greeting at Start , that explains what each Scene is meant to show
      • – Even with voice over information related to that scene!
  • Many ready-to-go prefabs
    • – We have even included 2 custom models for prototyping your game vision!
      • – Male and Female
      • – Can have Helmets on or off
      • – Variety of color effects can be applied to signify what team they are in.
  • Documentation and Tutorials
    • – Professionally Designed Website
    • – Easy to Follow Documentation
    • – YouTube Tuterials ( In the Works )
  • Many Custom Inspectors, and so much more!!

Our Concept –

The very idea of the RTS Module came honestly for a want , or a craving to develop a Realtime Strategy Game for my children much like the ones I grew up with when I was a kid.

1) Our concept is very literally like Legos that we played with when we were growing up, but with a software twist to it.

2) To allow for as many RTS game solutions as possible.. There are so many RTS systems out there, that only support one or two types of the Real Time Strategy Genre. Our goal is to quite literally support the creation of ALL RTS games and potentially beyond even that!

3) To be as informative and educational, as it is useful. We want the module to not only help you develop a RTS game but to also help you in the development mindset along the way as well. This is provided by strong communication, guides, videos, etc.

4) To be as modular and flexible as possible, so that one major component of the RTS module could survive without the other major portion or vice versa. This concept, allows for this software to reach out further within the genera RTS, but even further still into other genera’s, such as RPG, Action, Sports, Arcade, etc.

A wonderful example of this is our Resources Management System. This system allows you to create your own unique resources and then collect them through out the game you develop. Since the system is very modular, this means you can also use the same system in a character non stop runner / arcade game, where you have to pick up “resource” tokens, or a car game, where you race around a track and grab “resource” nitro for speed, or “resource” tires for better traction. The ideas are limited only by your imagination.

Support and Information –

Our Website

Constantly being updated to bring more content, and tuterials to your fingers

Our YouTube Channel

Constantly developing and sharing content as we grow. YouTube Tuterials coming soon, revolving around our software, including this one!

Our Discord

Join our Family, as we continue to grow, develop, and have fun along with it. Thats why we do this for right?

Important Notes –

This software (Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Module) requires Game Creator which can be purchased separately HERE

Although just the core is required, this software can, and does benefit from the use of other Official and Non Official modules as well.

This software (Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Module) does make use of some resources that are used with permission via their 3rd party licenses.

Please be sure to read those in the appropriate folders, as well as the uniquly identified 3rd Party Folder for what those licenses are.

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