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Workflow, production, QA, command console, Debug, console, Utility

Short Description:

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What can it be used for?

Including, but not limited to:

– Flexible QA tools

– Development cheats for testing

– Debugging assistance

– In game cheat codes

– Adaptable to any project

Command Features:

– Static and non-static commands

– Command overloads and default parameters

– Generic commands

– Async commands

– Interactive commands with coroutine-like actions

– Generate commands at runtime with lambda commands

– Supports functions, properties, fields and delegates

– Per command platform black/whitelist

– Easy to use

– Full C# source included

Console Features:

– Contextual autocompletion for commands, enums, GameObjects and more

– Display Debug.Log messages in the console

– Highly customisable

– Custom theme system

– Text Mesh Pro support

Example Built In Commands:

call-static/call-instance: call any C# method or property in your project

man: generates a user manual for a specified command

exec: compiles an executes C# code at runtime

#define: defines and creates a user macro

instantiate: instantiates a copy of an object

destroy: destroys an object

get-object-info: gets the transform and component data of an object

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