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Ps Layer Demo |


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Ps Layer Demo |

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Ps Layer Demo | Documentation | Support Forum

Psd Import extends the unity editor to read psd files. It allows you to import each layer and group defined in photoshop as a game object in Unity. It imports each layer with its corresponding opacity and blending mode.

Psd Import includes Ps Layer, a plugin that allows you to create a layer hierarchy similar to photoshop’s in Unity. It also allows you to apply photoshop blending modes to Sprites and UI images.

Import Sprites: Create a sprite hierarchy from a psd file.

Import Images: Create a UI Image hierarchy from a psd file.

Import only png files: Importing or re-importing png files is quick and easy.

Texture atlas: You can create a png file for each layer or pack all textures into a texture atlas.

Layer hierarchy to organize layers into groups and subgroups.

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