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Short Description:

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– Finds problems and provides solutions!
– Detailed reports (works with multiple scenes too!)
– Powerful UI
– Customizable
– Benchmarks to set Project Limits
– Advanced Filters
– Tons of learning content
– Fast and quick support
– Full C# Source Code

Project Scan analyses your all project files at binary level: scripts, clips, meshes, textures and reports back with detailed performance bottlenecks and how to solve it!

Simply open the window and click “Run Tests” and expect a detailed rundown of problems within seconds!

Project Scan has a very powerful User Interface which has been carefully crafted so you can do more work in less time!

Want to ignore certain directories or files? We got advanced filters for you to work with! Filter out special folder names (like Editor and Plugins) or put your own. You can also ignore files with specific prefixes or extensions!

Does your project carry certain limits that you do not wish to cross? Benchmarks to the rescue! With benchmarks, you can specify max polygon count, max texture count that you expect your project to have and you’ll be quickly notified upon the next scan!

A well written and commented C# Source Code is included so you can quickly and easily extend Project Scan features.

Encountered problems? Have questions? Fast and friendly support is available for all customers!

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