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Current Pro GIF Recorder Toolkit users can get the MobileMedia Plugin and


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Current Pro GIF Recorder Toolkit users can get the MobileMedia Plugin and

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Asset Title: Pro GIF Recorder Toolkit

Publisher: SWAN DEV

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Current Pro GIF Recorder Toolkit users can get the MobileMedia Plugin and JSON Tool And API Helpers for FREE!! And, get the ScreenshotHelper Plus with 50% price OFF~

Pro GIF Recorder Toolkit is a powerful GIF recorder package for Unity, which supports multiple mobile and desktop platforms, with unified APIs. Same with Pro GIF & Pro GIF Universal, the encoder is multi-threaded, brings the best performance GIF recorder for your indie and even commercial project!

This package provides the features to record animated GIFs / GIF Replay. Advanced, powerful GIF recorder, highly customizable settings(e.g. rotate, resolution, crop, transparency, fps, quality, memory usage optimization…). Much more useful stuff included that makes this package not only a recorder but also a toolkit for making & handling GIFs for games & applications!

All our code and examples are carefully designed to provide a clean, easy-to-use package. The Unified APIs allow you to integrate once, run on all supported platforms. GIF has never been so easy with Pro GIF series!

Try out (Recorder features) before purchase: Play Camera

For detailed information please read the Docs.

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* Known Issues

Don’t hesitate! Contact us if you have any questions about our assets.



• Record GIF/GIF Replay (support transparent).

• Instant Preview/Play the newly recorded GIF.

• Rich settings: FPS, Duration, Quality, RepeatCount, Aspect Ratio, Resolution(support auto-resize to fit any screen size), Transparent Color(for hiding a particular BG color).

• The encoding process runs in threads for better performance.


• Support record GIF with multiple cameras.

• Super fast, multi-threaded encoder.

• Ultra-low (preview player) memory footprint, even for a large number of GIF frames.

• Crop GIF (with a specific aspect ratio, e.g. 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, etc.).

• Rotate GIF (90, -90, 180 degrees).

• Supports creating Reverse and Ping-pong play mode GIF.


– API helper classes (Json Tool And API Helpers) for easily use the GIF API to access the world’s largest GIF library.

– Use your own GIF channels & API keys.

– Share on up to 15 social platforms.

– Optimized Json tool(Newtonsoft.Json), work on mobile & desktop.

– The codeless Pro GIF recorder (editor extension) for recording GIF in both the Editor play mode and runtime App, without modifying your code, just drag and drop the script/prefab to your scene.

– Some more useful stuff.

– GIF libraries full source code.


With our GIF helper class, you can easily call the GIF APIs and receive responses in JSON format. Get access to all the GIFs and Stickers on the Giphy network.

All Giphy APIs, including Upload GIF, Search GIF, Sticker, Random, Translate, etc.

(Works with the provided Social Share feature to share gif links)

You can have your own GIF channel. Enabling your app users to upload GIFs to your channel with your own API KEY!

Create channel & apply for API keys

[ JSON Tool ]

Newtonsoft.Json, the best JSON serialize/de-serialize tool is included. Further optimized and many works were done for supporting Unity3D mono .NET and AOT environment. Work on mobile(Android, iOS) and desktop.

[ Social Share ]

Reminded: the social share feature of Pro GIF must work with the provided Giphy upload API helper classes. To make sure you fully understand how this works, please read the GIF API docs here.

We also provided a native plugin for saving GIFs to Android Gallery & iOS Photos. So your users can manually share the GIFs later!

[ Support Platform ]

– Unity5 and newer versions, Pro/Plus & Personal

– Support the Unity built-in render pipeline and Scriptable Render Pipelines: URP, LWRP, HDRP

– Support Unity Editor, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux

– Android 64-Bit ready.

Pro GIF Versions:


Pro GIF Universal

Upgrade to Pro GIF!

3rd party plugin is used in this package, some necessary changes are made for supporting Unity environment:

– Newtonsoft.Json: use with the 3rd party API services (e.g. Giphy APIs)

*** We welcome any questions, suggestions, and bug reports, please feel free to contact us at swan.ob2@gmail.com.

We will be happy to listen to you. Thank you!

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