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Poseidon CSG: Ea…


CSG, Level Design, triplanar, Carver, levels, geometry, prototyping, modeling, Prototype, Procedural, Level

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Discord (Support) | Documentation

Poseidon CSG: Ea…

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Asset Title: Poseidon CSG – Dynamic Level Design

Publisher: Cinderflame Studios

Category: tools, level-design

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Discord (Support) | Documentation

Poseidon CSG: Easily create levels by simply taking existing geometry you’ve made and intersecting meshes together. When two meshes with our script are intersected together, the end result is a clean, dynamic, union of the two.

Need a tunnel added to your room? Slide it in. Need to connect two spaces together? Slide them together. Using Poseidon is extremely intuitive and can greatly speed up your level creation! No more having to go back to a 3D modeler to punch holes in your environments – Poseidon handles all of that dynamically!


  • Easily merge interior-facing meshes together by simply intersecting them with each other
  • Create proper geometry in your 3D Modeler of choice – no more having to mess with shoddy in-editor alternatives
  • Fully non-destructive workflow – everything is dynamic and can be undone
  • No lock-in: Doesn’t force you to use it for everything, unlike other tools
  • Editor-time runner that merges meshes for you based on numerous change conditions
  • Create procedurally generated levels at runtime and have them merge themselves together

Poseidon is useful if you want to be able to connect 3D spaces to each other dynamically, allowing you to create the meshes you want, and not have to anticipate every possible way they could ever be used by a level designer. Poseidon allows a level designer to make subtle tweaks to levels without having to send a mesh back to an artist. Poseidon allows you to create modular levels with very few pieces but without everything feeling repetitive and allows you to create unique geometry!

If you want to find out more before buying, please check out our website or join our discord server with any questions you may have about how Poseidon works.

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