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Obfuscator Source was developed to increase your software and game securi…


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Obfuscator Source was developed to increase your software and game securi…

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Asset Title: Obfuscator Source

Publisher: GuardingPearSoftware

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Obfuscator Source was developed to increase your software and game security, especially for applications built with Unity.

Its main objective is to conceal your own proprietary source code, and third party compiled dotNet assemblies as well. We support all known platforms, whether standalone or embedded. 

Obfuscator Source includes all the features of Obfuscator Pro. The main difference is, the source version includes all the Obfuscator’s source code. Each game or application is different and so needs different protection. To gain maximum control you have access to the whole source code. It allows to learn and to optimize your build process.

What are Obfuscator Source’s features?

Being designed for Unity, Obfuscator Source considers Unity’s unique characteristics, like MonoBehaviours, ScriptableObjects, Serialization and Reflection, giving you a powerful but easy, and out-of-the box working obfuscator.

Obfuscator Source features range from:

– Member Renaming:

– Namespaces

– Classes (also MonoBehaviour and ScriptableObject subclasses)

– Methods

– Fields

– Properties

– Event

– String obfuscation

– Adding random code

– Anti debugging

– Anti tampering (mono)

– ControlFlow obfuscation (mono)

up to quality-of-life features like:

– Full obfuscation workflow customization

– StackTrace de-obfuscation to allow restoring and debugging of even the most secured assemblies

But why should you choose Obfuscator Source?

Obfuscator Pro makes it nearly impossible for the bad guys to steal your source code. It also gets regular updates to ensure a high standard of security in the future. Our tool makes sure your source code gets so entangled through renaming, random code and string obfuscation, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to get or analyze your original code.

Obfuscator Source is the only Unity3d Obfuscator that considers Namespace obfuscation and MonoBehaviour/ScriptableObject obfuscation for all platforms.

Obfuscator 5.0 (after version 2019)

Supports Unity 2019 up to the latest 2022.

Obfuscator 4.0 (after version 2018)

Supports Unity 2018 up to the latest 2022.

Obfuscator 3.0 (pre version 2018)

For the previous Unity versions, use version 3.0.



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This asset uses Mono.Cecil under MIT/X11; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

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