⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ JU Foot Placement – Advanced Foot Placement IK System – Published By Julhiecio GameDev

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🎮What can I do with JU Foot Placement?

  • Make your character move realistically easily with this tool with just one click or drag and drop. You can make your character’s foot and body adapt to position and rotation smoothly on any surface or terrain.
  • With any model with a humanoid rig and with a click you have a character with JU Foot Placement implemented and with a bonus controller.

⚠ This works with models with humanoid rig recognized by Mecanim and works with Unity built-in IK.


✔️ Humanoid Foot Placement

✔️ Foot height calculated in real time based on the animation (animation curves are NOT required).

✔️ Supports ANY animation, do you have idle, walking, or running animations? no problem.

✔️ Setup with just one click or drag and drop without additional setup

✔️ Dynamic Foot and Body Placement.

✔️ Include Character Controller Body Placement


✔️ Advanced Character controller with walk, jump and running systems.

✔️ Complete Camera System with camera collision.

✔️ Realistic Body Rotation.

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