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Hierarchy, Workflow, mega, adaptive, AAA, Functionality, Editor, Editor Extension, Scripting

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Asset Title: Hierarchy Pro 2021 – Extended

Publisher: EM

Category: tools, utilities

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Fully documented :

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It is new 2022.1 important update

  • 1 – Fixed issue with saving additional hierarchy data
  • 2 – Fixed issue with unload/load scene
  • 3 – Fixed CLOSING windows problems

I got a little sick and could not fix the problems in time, I apologize to all of you for such a deadline. I hope you will be happy with the asset as it was before


1. ☰ MAIN (…) :

• Lines Height/Indents/Colors and etc

• Events

[UP/DOWN] – Move multiline selection together

[LEFT/RIGHT] – Expand hovered tree item

end etc

• Background


• TopBar

Special toolbar integration allows you to quickly switch between layouts and integrate your own buttons

• Special GameObjects Menu

This mode integrated in the gameobject menu, and includes examples of elements like

‘[Group], [Ungroup], [Set next/previus sibling index], [Move to parent], [Set new parent], [Duplicate next to object], [Multi renamer], [Reverse order of child sibling indexes]’

This mode allows you to add your own menu elements.

• AutoSave

• Snap (Not bad for 2020 and below)


• Auto Highlighter

Applies colors/icons/background automatically (allows you to create a conditions based on names/components/layers/tags)

• Manual Highlighter

Applies colors/icons/background (includes child grouping, and special background styles)

• Presets Manager

Allows you to save the values of the object’s fields, including references to the internal objects of the scene

4. ☰ RIGHT BAR (4):

• Right Bar Mods Pack [9 buildin/9 custom] :

Layers/Tags/SpriteOrder/Audio/Description/Memory Info/Static Flags/UI Text/RayCast Target Flag and so on…

This mod allows you to add your own modules.

There are many ways to manipulate size of modules right in the hierrarchy window

• SetActive Buttons

• Icons For Components

Will draw icons and allow manipulate them using the context menu (you can call methods of log private field values)

• PlayMode Preserver

The convenient mod allows you to save values changed in the PlayMode (it records undo for changes)

• Search

A special modal the window allows you to quickly search objects using content from the right bar

5. ☰ EXTERNAL MODS (6) :

• Bottom Bar

A special mod that integrates into the bottom part of the hierarchy window and allows you to quickly manage EXTERNAL MODS right in the hierrarchy window

• HyperGraph [E]: Displays references between objects and their components, or between unity events

• BookMark (Quick Buffer) [E]

Contains different categories, allows you to manipulate objects and create their instances

• Selection History [E]

Quick manager for selection

• Last Scenes [E]

Quick manager for scenes

• Saver for Expanded Tree Items [E]

Quickly create and restore expanded states

6. ☰ PROJECT MODS (6) :

• Lines Height/Indents/Colors and etc

• Background

• Auto Highlighter

• Manual Highlighter

• Folder for Project [E]

Allows you to bookmark folders or objects, allows to display child of bookmark folders. allows filtering by extension, supports flat hierarchy


Assets available separately :

AutoSave | Hierarchy Pro | Snap

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