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*Live Stream Examples in Full Package >> FMETP STREAM



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*Live Stream Examples in Full Package >> FMETP STREAM


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Asset Title: FM WebSocket

Publisher: Frozen Mist

Category: tools, network

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*Live Stream Examples in Full Package >> FMETP STREAM

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FM WebSocket provides you a simple, flexible networking solution using WebSocket. It’s one of the easiest WebSocket Solution in Asset Store. Demo node.js server is included with ease.

+ New Experiment

– Expose SslProtocols: Ssl2, Ssl3, Tls, Tls11, Tls12

– Above options can be set via FMSocketIOManager, when enabled Ssl option.

+ Core feature WebSocket via node.js + socket.io

step 1) installation tutorial: setup node.js server in 2 mins

step 2) run the demo!

>> Simple Send & Receive with Message or Byte[]

>> Server <=> Clients

>> General Send Type: All, Server, Others

>> All Written in C#, easy to modify if necessary.

+ Cross Platforms  


+ Networking With Simple Commands

>> SendToAll / Server / Others (“Hello World”);

>> SendToAll / Server / Others (byte[]);

>> FMSocketIOManager.instance.SendToAll(“Hello World”);

>> Example of customised send: Emit();

>> Example of customised receive: On();

For customised socket.io event: Step-by-Step guide

+ Add-On feature

Supported Query String in socket.io(Experiment)

+ Add-On feature 

Added “Demo_WebSocketEchoTest” scene as an example of compatibility with Regular Echo Test:


Support: thelghome@gmail.com


This asset uses 1) websocket-sharp under The MIT License (MIT);see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

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