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FM POINTS is an All-in-One Point Cloud Visualisation within Unity3D.

Every 3D objects in your Unity3D scenes can be converted into points in few buttons!

It’s a light-weight rendering solution in comparison to traditional particle effects.

You may try our WebGL Demo

[+New+] Added Experimental feature: Facing Main Camera for “Unlit Brush” Mode

[+New+] Added web url “.ply” files support via FMPlyImporterRuntime.cs(WebGL compatible)

[+New+] Added New Feature: Real Time FX Capture (Experiment)

Twitter Demo Capture and Render your scene as Point Cloud in Editor Mode and RunTime

[+New+] Added runtime “.ply” importer

[+New+] Added customised Texture in Brush Mode

[+New+] Save your data as .ply file, which allows editing out of Unity(experimental)

BAKE : convert Unity3D world into point cloud

MORPH : Blend point cloud meshes(real time)

STYLE : Artistic Brush Style (New Experimental)

DYNAMIC : Wind force FX simulation

SHADER : Unlit & Lambert with Lightings

DATA : PLY importer & exporter supported (experimental)

Compatibility : iOS/Android/MAC/PC/VR/AR/WebGL

It can run smoothly on iPhone 5 (Mobile Web Browser)

*Point Size in Brush Effect: Supported including DX11 / DX12

*Point Size(Fast): Not supported in DX11/DX12

*The Lovely Demo Room is included

*Photogrammetry 3D models are not included, which are provided by Paul Bourke for experiment only.

Support: thelghome@gmail.com

*more image effect shown in tutorials:


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