⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Flexbox 4 Unity – Published By Tmachine

Discord: [F4U]
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UI, Layout, flexbox, Flex, css

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Discord: [F4U]
Support forum: [F4U]
Support forum: http://forum.unity.com/[Flexbox]
Getting Started guide: http://flexbox4unity.com/tutorial
Main site: https://Flexbox4Unity.com

Modern HTML/CSS uses the Flexbox layout system for simplicity and performance. Now you can use this easy-to-learn, powerful system directly for your UnityGUI layouts.

Fully integrated with Unity (works seamlessly with Unity’s uGUI/Anchors/Handles), working neatly with Unity’s ScrollRect and RectTransform, this is a drop-in replacement for LayoutGroup, ContentSizeFitter, LayoutElement and friends.

Comes with full source code. Comes with multiple demo-scenes showing how to configure in your own projects.

This asset uses GMP.net under MIT; see “3rd-Party licenses.txt” file in package for details.

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