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Why use Easy Save?

For Amateurs…

It’s easy to use and well documented

For Experts…

A fast, feature-rich and extremely flexible save system

★ On the Asset Store since 2011 ★


Compatible with

PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Universal, iOS, tvOS, Android, Steam, WebGL

PlayMaker, Bolt

Fast and lightweight serialization

Using a JSON serializer designed for Unity

Fully documented

Guides | Examples & Tutorials | API Reference

Save using C# or without code using Autosave

C# Reference | Autosave

PlayMaker and Bolt visual scripting support*

Save and load using PlayMaker actions

Access Easy Save from Bolt graphs

5-star customer support

via email and dedicated forum

Secure save data with encryption

Encrypt save data

Compact files with compression

Makes files 85% smaller on average

Save & load from the cloud

Upload to cloud database using PHP & MySQL

Cross-platform save system

Use save files & code on all supported platforms

Save almost any type

Our serializer was designed specifically for Unity

Unlike other systems, it can even serialize references

Serialize data to spreadsheet

In CSV format for Excel

Much more flexible than PlayerPrefs

But just as simple to use

Unlike PlayerPrefs, it has File IO

Serializer stores data straight to file

Store strings/bytes as files

How do I use Easy Save?

See the Getting Started guide


Contact Us | Guides | Docs | Forum | Getting Started

*PlayMaker and Bolt are purchased separately

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