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Autopilot, Path, motor, Bird, guidance, waypoint, Control Theory, missile, aircraft, rocket, navigation, propulsion, Proportional Navigation, line of sight

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Controlled Flight is used to control the movement of flying objects. It can create movement of objects that is realistic and natural.

It can be used for realistic control of aircraft and missiles. The functionality can also be used for controlling boats as well as submarines.

Natural movements of animals, such as a flock of birds, can easily be created with minimal setup.


Test the Free Version!


 • Setup in minutes for a beginner.

 • Detailed settings for the advanced user.

 • Examples scenes and full documentation included.

 • Prepared for new features.


The algorithms are based on well known methods used in aerospace engineering, and can imitate movement of animals such as birds. It especially can be used to mimic the movement of predators.


The focus of the functionality is ease of use, robustness as well as realism. The main functions can be used with minimal setup, get going in seconds.

Ease of use is combined with advanced features with extensive settings.


Several algorithms are included, each with lots of flexibility to customize the behavior.


Main Features
• Target Intercept algorithms

    • Proportional Navigation and Augmented Proportional Navigation
    • Line-Of-Sight Guidance
    • Constant Bearing Guidance.

• Autopilot and waypoint navigation.

    • Realistically fly through a number of waypoints.
    • Very flexible.

• Motor and speed control

    • From simple velocity control to multi-stage advanced motor simulation.
    • Aerodynamic drag.

• Easily integrated with other components.

    • Unity events
    • Documented Public Class member methods

• Advanced and experimental features

    • Lofted trajectories
    • Terrain following


New features, settings and additions can be requested. Use email or contact form.


• Extensive documentation with tutorials and examples for the beginner and advanced user. See website.

• Documented source code.

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