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Asset Title: Clothing Culler

Publisher: Salvage Studios

Category: tools, utilities

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Endless combinations

When fixing clipping issues in 3D software, many clothing combinations can lead to a time consuming process of making meshes.

For example, when your character can wear a t-shirt, jacket and a pair of gloves it will require 7 different body meshes and this number will grow exponentially as you add more.

With Clothing Culler, you just configure the three pieces of clothing and it will sort out the combinations for you at runtime.

Generate and paint occlusion data once

Clothing Culler can generate occlusion data for your clothing combinations. If there is some clipping, you can refine the data by painting the faces that need to be occluded.

Easy to integrate

Clothing Culler is extremely easy to integrate. Just add a component to your character and (de)register your clothing at it.


  • Character and clothing rigs must be compatible
  • Clothing must be weight painted
  • Package does NOT include any character or clothing models

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