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*Broccoli Tree Creator is still in-development and will get constantly improved.

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Procedural, vegetation, Plants, tree

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*Broccoli Tree Creator is still in-development and will get constantly improved.

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Broccoli Tree Creator is a Procedural Vegetation System for assets creation. It uses a node-based system that provides randomization and customization on almost every aspect of the final tree.

Features on version 1.3.x:

– Structure generators with a node hierarchy to generate branches and sprouts.

– Fully editable branches with bezier curve tools.

– Sprout meshing modes: plane, cross, tricross, planeX, grid, billboard and mesh.

– Processing modes for normals to control lighting on sprout meshes.

– Sprout groups: to set the mode, alignment, scale, mapping and wind properties on sprouts along the tree branches.

– Modifiers for length, girth, branch sparse, twirl, Perlin noise and branch bending.

– WindZone component directional mode support.

– Prefab generation with two LODs + billboard assets (customizable).

– Global scaling for the final tree (to adapt to your game proportions).

– Prefab creation with texture atlas.

– Controls for texture areas, mapping options and custom materials on branches and sprouts.

– Custom shapes for branches.

– Support to build trees based on TreeCreator, SpeedTree8 and SpeedTree7 Unity built-in shaders or use your own custom shaders/materials.

– Scriptable Render Pipeline support for SpeedTree7 and SpeedTree8 shaders (depends on your SRP version having these shaders).*

– Runtime API to load pipelines and create trees at runtime.

– Persistence system (save, load, share) your tree pipeline.

– Catalog with pre-made tree pipelines (so you get trees ready out of the box and pipelines to work with).

– Documentation and source code with comments.

* Fixing for the lack of global illumination on SRP shaders is addressed at the documentation.
* In order to get global illumination using URP or HDRP, at least Unity 2021.2 is required.

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