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NEW! Google Play Games Integration



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NEW! Google Play Games Integration


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Asset Title: Bayat – Save System

Publisher: Bayat Games

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NEW! Google Play Games Integration

NEW! Xbox Live (Connected Storage) Integration


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  • Cross-Platform: Supports all unity platforms with both Mono and IL2CPP backends, currently is tested on Standalone, WebGL, UWP, and Mobile, but it should work on Consoles and other platforms if you run into any issues just contact us. (There are no native integrations with consoles yet)
  • Unified API: Provides a unified API for accessing storage, serialization, and encryption services.
  • Storage features: Provides a wide range of essential storage features such as backup, metadata, and catalog for extra functionalities.
  • Full-featured JSON Serialization: This uses the interchangeable and human-readable JSON format for serialization that also includes lots of features and functionalities for serializing different types of data and objects.
  • Supported Data Types: GameObjects, Components \ MonoBehaviours, Primitive types, C# classes, and structs, Assets (Textures, Materials, Meshes, …), Collections (Arrays, Multi-dimensional arrays, Lists, Stacks, Queues, Dictionaries, …), ScriptableObjects, … and much more, check out Supported Data Types article for more information.
  • Security: This includes a built-in AES encryption algorithm for encrypting and securing your data to prevent cheaters from altering your game/app data.
  • Auto Save: Save and load scene objects using Auto Save component and control which components and children should be serialized.
  • Third-party Integrations: includes out-of-the-box integrations for Firebase, PlayFab, Steam Cloud API, PlayMaker, Google Play Games, Xbox Live, and many more being made …
  • Flexibility & Extensibility: Extend the system and add your own features and customize it to your needs, you can easily tailor it per your requirements
  • Fully documented: Check the comprehensive documentation to get started
  • Update & Maintenance: Constantly being updated and maintained to fix bugs, add new features and support new Unity versions

☢️ Integrations ☢️

⚖️ Requirements ⚖️

– Unity 2018.4 or newer is required (Unity2019.4 or newer is recommended)

– .NET 4.x or higher is required

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Just start off with this new awesome solution for managing your game/app data without putting time into creating the same thing over and over again, just extend, modify, or use the existing solution instead.

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