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Short Description:

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AT+Sync lets you synchronize Revit projects into Unity scenes. Connect your usual Revit workflow with Unity and sync any change you make on your file in real-time.

The Revit plugin

Download for free the Revit plugin from:

  • The Autodesk App Store LINK
  • The Ambiens Store (latest version) LINK

Try before buy

If you want to test the output from Revit you can run this runtime version of the plugin (please note that the AT+Sync runtime version is not included in this package, this plugin will only import from Revit to a Unity Scene, contact us for more information):

How it works

  1. Install the Revit plugin
  2. Open the Revit project and export the 3D View from the AT+Sync tab
  3. The project will be saved in a temporary folder on your disk, no information will be shared outside of your computer
  4. Open a Unity project and install the AT+Sync for Unity Plugin
  5. Open the Sync panel from Tools->Ambiens->ArchToolkit->AT+Sync
  6. Select the 3D view you just exported from Revit and Click on the Sync button, the plugin will synchronize the view from Revit to your Unity Scene

AT+Sync generates a dynamic workflow for real-time advanced presentations of your BIM projects.

⚠️AT+Sync is part of the ArchToolkit series, a list of Unity plugins made for designers and architects.

AT+VideoClip lets you create sharable videos of your scene in no time

AT+Materials is a selection of CC0 PBR materials available on demand

AT+Explore gives you the opportunity to create an interactive experience of your 3D models without coding.

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