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Unity community forum thread


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Short Description:

Unity community forum thread

Unity community forum thread


Tired of string-based events tied to animations? So were we! With this asset, you will be able to associate events with animator states for a smoother workflow, with several additional goodies.

With this asset you can easily set UnityEvents, give them a name and assign them to Animator States using a drop-down alongside the condition that must be met to execute them.

Not only can you execute UnityEvents, you can also set parameters of the Animator to make a more complex Controller.

The conditions that can be used in a State are:

– Every frame

– On State Enter, Transition Start

– On State Enter, Transition End

– On State Exit, Transition Start

– On State Exit, Transition End

– On Normalized Time Reached (optionally On State Exit too) + preview of the specific normalized time on the SceneView.

– Check the value of a parameter.

– Check the current layer index.

– Check the current layer weight.

– Combination of more conditions.

When the conditions are met you can:

– Execute UnityEvents set beforehand.

– Execute UnityEvents set directly on the Animator state (shown inlined).

– Set a parameter to a new value or perform an operation on it (+, -, *, /, %, Maximum, Minimum).

– Call SendMessage.

With this asset you will be able to make States execute events easily plus drive logic by setting parameters, opening new doors to what you can do with the Animator.

This asset is ideal if you want the Animator to be in control of the logic instead of slave of a script.

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