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Support added for Unity 2021.

Amplitude is a Unity3D asset that provides access to audio amplitude and frequency data on the WebGL platform, where the Unity API does not. It provides results similar to Unity’s GetOutputData and GetSpectrumData methods available on other platforms.

Amplitude offers a clean and simple custom Inspector, and leverages a standard Unity AudioSource component. The custom inspector communicates with a native JavaScript library, allowing it to make function calls directly against the underlying web browser’s Web Audio API.

Amplitude is easy to use, simply add the component, link your Unity AudioSource to the Amplitude AudioSource field, set the Data Type (Amplitude or Frequency), set the sample size, and set an amount of boost if desired. Play your audio using the normal Unity AudioSource API. While your audio is playing, Amplitude exposes a float array of the size you specified, an average, and a max. The values range from -1 to 1 for amplitude, and 0 to 1 for amplitude absolute values or frequency.

Being the creators of SALSA LipSync Suite, we of course also created a SALSA LipSync Suite add-on that allows SALSA to leverage Amplitude for WebGL-based character lip-sync. The SALSA add-on (AmplitudeSALSA) is free for Amplitude customers using the link below.

Supports Unity & Unity Pro on the WebGL platform. Works in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi. Does not work in IE or Safari.

With our free downloadable Beat Detect add-on you can easily setup amplitude average level triggers or level triggers isolated by frequency, great for beat detection.

Check the Amplitude website for more information

WebGL Demos:
Amplitude Hero (Guitar Hero clone)

Works with:
Beat Detect
RT-Voice (runtime text-to-speech) *

* RT-Voice works with Amplitude for WebGL when combined with our SALSA LipSync Suite.

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