⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Accessibility Features for Game Creator 1 – Published By Pivec Labs

The Accessibility Module for Game Creator 1 provides Accessibility features f…


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The Accessibility Module for Game Creator 1 provides Accessibility features f…

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Asset Title: Accessibility Features for Game Creator 1

Publisher: Pivec Labs

Category: tools, utilities

More Details about this asset:

The Accessibility Module for Game Creator 1 provides Accessibility features for Developers to include in their game projects.

This module is a Drag & Drop component and works with Unity Personal, Plus and PRO.


Accessibility is an extension for Game Creator and will not work without it.

With this Asset, you get:

⚡ 4 Major Categories
⚡ 9 Prefab GameObjects
⚡ 10 Additional Components
⚡ 42 New GC Actions
⚡ 4 New GC Conditions
⚡ 6 Detailed Example Scenes

The Accessibility Module includes the following GC Actions and associated Components

🔸 Visual 🔸

▻ Colour Correction for Eye Sight impairment
▻ Colour Switching for Colour Blind players
▻ Object Outlines for weak Eye Sight
▻ UI Text Size and Colour for Eye Sight impairment

🔸 Auditory 🔸

▻ Closed Captions for Sounds showing Direction for Hearing impairments
▻ Multiple Volume Controls for different sound categories
▻ Volume Control with Tags for volume selection

🔸 Mobility 🔸

▻ Configurable Touchstick with Action Buttons for Mobile
▻ Dynamic Touchstick with for Mobile
▻ Multi-Function On-Screen Joystick with configurable Action Buttons
▻ Tank Camera for game control without Mouse

🔸 Cognitive 🔸

▻ Dyslexia Font Options for User Interfaces
▻ Game Speed and Sensitivity controls
▻ Motion Sickness Prevention features
▻ Parental Controls for nudity and violence censoring with Encrypted Password feature.

All Actions have configurable options and can be changed using Variables. This allows Actions to be configured by the Player using a player settings screen , and this Module includes sample canvases.

Check out the documentation at docs.piveclabs.com

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The Accessibility Examples Module will OVERWRITE your Game Creator project files. The Examples in the Examples Module come with their own Variable Database and Prefabs. Open a new project to view the Examples.

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