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Resize 3D models while retaining scale and proportions.

27 Slicer is a Unity plugin that can dynamically resize models. 27 Slicing allows a 3D mesh to be scaled to many sizes with a single asset.

🔵 Slice Meshes -> Slice 3D Meshes and modify its size without distorting its details like scaling would. You can even reduce the size of the model.

🔵 Slice Colliders -> Slice 3D Mesh and Box Colliders to match the sliced meshes.

🔵 Slice Modifiers -> Add modifiers to reposition and resize children of sliced Game Objects.

🔵 Export Slices Meshes -> Export sliced mesh as a Unity asset. The exported mesh asset can then be used like any other mesh in Unity.

🔵 Compatibility -> Compatible with the Built-in Render Pipeline, URP and HDRP.

🔵 Source Code -> Full C# source code is provided.

🔵 Online Documentation -> Comprehensive API Documentation and User Manual.

Slicing a model is as simple as adding a Mesh Slicer Component to your Game Object and playing around with its properties.


Upgrading 27 Slicer

Always delete the previous version of 27 Slicer when upgrading to a new version. See the Upgrade Guide for more information.

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