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Unity 2020 and URPL
This is PRO version of the complete package for creating a multiplayer shooter game (MFPS) in virtual reality designed for the new XR (not oculus integ…


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Unity 2020 and URPL
This is PRO version of the complete package for creating a multiplayer shooter game (MFPS) in virtual reality designed for the new XR (not oculus integ…

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Asset Title: VR Oculus Quest MFPS Photon PUN2 PRO

Publisher: VR Cardboard Buddies

Category: templates, packs

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Unity 2020 and URPL
This is PRO version of the complete package for creating a multiplayer shooter game (MFPS) in virtual reality designed for the new XR (not oculus integration) system of Unity3D. This package is the result of a deep knowledge of VR and multiplayer interface.

We strongly recommend a maximum of “5×5” players for performance reasons. Players play in five different modes in two different configurable maps. The modes are teams, royale, drone, bomb and flag. The package is a complete and functional project ready to be deployed into the Oculus Quest 1 or Quest 2.

The game dynamics work as follow:
First, a popup menu is shown and the player can select his username (it is also auto-generated). In this same menu, the payer can choose between the active rooms which are displayed with its information in the canvas using advanced room properties. The menu allows the user to select the layout (weapons, abilities and scopes).Once the player logs into a room, a specific subscene is created in function of the selected parameters.

Movement of the weapon and shooting is achieved with the Oculus quest controllers. Aiming is affected by the movement and shooting of the player of the player. The movement is divided into two consistent methods: room-scale of the XRrig and the movement of a character controller.

Weapons used int this package supports two-hand and multiple hand grabbing. This means that weapon interaction is totally realistic. Weapons need to be loaded using magazines and feeding it using the bolt.

This package includes v30:
  1. Scripts that control the Photon server calls.
          a. Player creation.
          b. Lobby and Room management.
          c. Player connection/disconnection.
          d. Setting custom Photon properties for scoring.
  2. Integration with oculus Quest for VR game.
  3. Player movement, shooting and health.
  4. Script that control the camera movement.
  5. Scripts to change/shooting weapons.
  6. Prefabs that can be customizable to change the avatars of characters.
  7. Unique avatar sent across the photon server.
  8. Scripts that control the “TAKE OVER” for common gameobjects in the scene.
  9. Raycasting from player oculus right joystick using a laser effect.
  10. All the textures, prefabs, gameobjects, materials shown in the video.
  11. Almost one comment per 5 lines of code.
  12. Customizable window for settings.
  13. Scripts to debug OVR controller on Editor mode.
  14. INVERSE kinematics to move the hands and head of the players.
  15. Haptic feedback (vibration of the controllers) with custom noise feedback when shooting and being hit. Only compatible with version 15.0.
  16.In-game voice.
  17) Compatible with XR Unity3D system
  18) New hand model (independent from Oculus)
  19) Totally independent package with its own meshes and models.
  20) New environment and dynamic doors
  21) Post-processing and compatible with URP (universal renderer pipeline)
  22) Avatar animation blending for walking in crouch mode and normal mode which is changed according to the height of the player.
  23) Two vehicles with 3d movement using the controller sticks: a tank and a plane.
  24) Turrets with heat control with two hand control. It needs to press both triggers to shoot.
  25) Climbing ladders using hands.
  26) Improved reloading routine as well as consistent grabbing effect for objects.
  27) three weapons with different scopes and sights. Scopes use URPL compatible graph shaders.
  28) New menu canvas with weapon selection, avatar selection and ability selection
  29) four abilities to choose from. shield, health restoring, anti-tank and drone.
  30) Consistent grabbing of other player’s weapons.
  31) Manage four game modes: teams, royale, drone, flag and bomb.
  32) general scoring
  33) Shop manager with in-game article shopping.
  34) Avatar adjustable size in function of player’s height.

And there is much more and MORE TO COME in the following months!

This package needs the following FREE packages from Unity.
b) Photon PUN2
c) Photon Voice 2

The package can be divided in these steps:
     1- Connecting to the server.
Photon pun 2 is used to connect the players and create the multiplayer interface.
     2- Configuring
The player can change his/her name and wepon layout and abilities. When creating a room, they can also change the room game mode.
     3- Playing
In function of the game mode or map selection a different scene is loaded.

A complete MFPS game for oculus Quest with vehicles, advanced hand interaction and advanced customization.

You can test the app from these links:



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