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This game is spider solitaire game. Popular in the world



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This game is spider solitaire game. Popular in the world



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Asset Title: Spider Solitaire


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This game is spider solitaire game. Popular in the world


DOCUMENT attached in project or you can visit our site navysoftgames.com


♠ Various Card Faces, Backs and Table Backgrounds with beautiful graphic

♠ Spider gameplay

♠ Unlimited undo

♠ Unlimited hints

♠ Random deals or Winning deals

♠ Single tap or drag to move cards

♠ Timed mode

♠ Daily Challenge

♠ Personal records

♠ Choose your card style

♠ Left handed mode

♠ Number of Suit: 1,2,4

♠ Auto complete for solved game

♠ Statistics

♠ Capable for most of devices

♠ Tablet support

♠ Support Portrait or Landscape

Optimized for Mobile : UI resizes to all types and resolutions of mobile devices

Ads Monetization – AdMob: Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded video

Professional and clean code, Clean Projects. Use sprite atlas in order to reduce the number of draw calls

Easy to build on multiple platforms

64bit support

Easy to reskin

Ready to publish game

Free Support contact: help@navysoftgames.com

Thank you for choosing our product!

Version 1.1 August 03, 2020: Added auto resize for long row in portrait screen

Version 1.2 August 14, 2020: Fixed score issues and some minor bugs

Version 1.3 August 20, 2020: Fixed drag card issues, empty table issue and other some minor bugs

Version 1.4 August 26, 2020: Display cards issues and minor bugs fixes

Version 1.4.1 September 23, 2020

Fixed card back issues and other some bugs

Version 1.5.0 November 2, 2021

Fixed some issues and update new Admob Ads


Q: I am not a developer, I don’t know C#. So i worry about things i can’t build or reskin this game

A:You don’t need to know anything. We attached detail documentation in this project. Also free contact us. We will help you.

Q: I don’t know to submit the app to the Appstore/Google Play.

A: Don’t worry. We will help you

Q: I don’t know anything. But i want to reskin it

A: Contact us. We will help you

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