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Your RPG starts here.

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Your RPG starts here.

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View the website for a more detailed overview.

The Demo, and everything it contains, IS INCLUDED with the pacakge.

The RPG Creation Kit is a toolset that makes the development of RPG games a lot easier and a lot more accessible. RPG games are known for their complexity especially on the programming side – with the RPG Creation Kit you will only have to focus in the creative part and in the game content, as the hard part is already there, ready for you to be used.

The project is designed to give you all the elements that you may need in order to make either a simple or a very complex and branched RPG game, with thousands of NPCs, multiple questlines, factions, locations, outcomes, and world-changing events.

The RPG Creation Kit is inspired by games as “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout”, and it aims to support those kind of games levels of complexity and depth.

The Kit has an approach towards making an RPG “Windows-oriented”, in the sense that there are many Editor Windows and Inspectors that will do almost all the job for you.

The RPG Creation Kit contains many features that have been tailored on its goals – to have a set of tools capable of creating highly complex RPG games while being easy to use, to modify and to expand.

Here is a partial list of main features:

  • Quest System
  • AI
  • Dialogue System
  • Player Controller & Combat System
  • Inventory & Equipment
  • Attributes
  • Factions
  • Save & Load
  • Looting System
  • Trade System
  • World Streaming, Cells & Worldspaces
  • Effects & Consumables
  • Items System
  • Scripting Support
  • Events System
  • Character Creation
  • Database System
  • Dozens of life-saver Editor Tools
  • Locational Damage
  • Aggro and Aggro Modifiers
  • And much, much more.

For more details, please view the website.

The RPG Creation Kit contains some third-party assets that all fall under the CC0 Public Domain license (or equivalent), see “Third-Party Notices.txt” file in package for details.

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