Racing Project Kit + Multiplayer – Published By SpinMotion

Racing Project Kit + Multiplayer

by SpinMotion

IMPORTANT: This asset requires


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Short Description:

Racing Project Kit + Multiplayer

by SpinMotion

IMPORTANT: This asset requires Photon PUN 2 by Exit Games

Implementation explained in the PDF Documentation

Test the Windows demo | Test the MacOS demo | Test the Android demo

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  • Overview:

Build your racing game with this template that features all the essentials to get online races in short time and single player races with 3 different game modes and AI bots with customizable waypoint.

It is fully coded in C# and the scripts are commented to customize it easily. Also, the project includes a complete PDF documentation.

Customize to your own. Replace the scenarios, models, cars and apply this asset mechanics to save time and build up your complete racing scene.

  • Main Features:

Singleplayer Offline:

3 game modes: Race Mode, Time Trial, and Split-screen.

Up to 13 AI cars by default, customizable to 99 maximum.

Easy customizable AI waypoint system.

Earn cash after each race and buy new cars.

Each car you buy is saved for the next time you open the game.

You can delete the saved data from Settings menu.

Multiplayer Online:

Cross-platform supported (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).

Create rooms and see other players with it’s selected car.

Color selection for the player car.

Kick players from the game room.

Laps selector for the host of the race.

Up to 8 players in the same room/race.

Race starts once all players mark as Ready.

Race finish countdown when the 1st player ends the race with positions summary.

Track Creator:

Create your own racetracks with different 3D objects.

Save up to 3 racetracks to load them later and edit or play them.

Play the track in singleplayer mode with AI bots or in split-screen.

Undo the last placed piece of road (straight/turn).

Decorate your track with various 3D models.

Drag the decoration objects around the track or delete them.

You can test the track before saving it.

The AI waypoint its created automatically.

The boundaries are created automatically so you can’t exit the track or cut the corners.

Works on mobile devices and includes a UI controls tutorial.

Overall Project:

Real-Time positioning system.

Sequentiality checkpoints system.

Complete project menus.

Full Racing UI: laps, race timer, position, minimap, username text and pause menu.

Setting menu for volume, graphics quality-resolution and saved data management.

Total mobile support: UI and performance optimized.

3 player camera views.

Countdown UI at the start of the race.

Pause menu with restart and return options.

Contact & Support:

This asset includes a complete PDF file documentation.

Check more videos in the SpinMotion YouTube channel.

Contact SpinMotion for any kind of question in Twitter by sending a DM or you can send a mail at

Visit our website and submit messages at

Final information:

Car models are from racoon media 3D racing assets v2 pack, and track & environment models were made by Kenney Assets.

Some Unity Standard Assets components are used in this project as placeholders for car physics, particles, and more.

This asset uses Racing kit (1.2) under [Creative Commons Zero, CC0] and 3D RACING ASSETS v2 under [Creative Commons Zero, CC0]; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

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