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DIscord: Assa#7727

mail: i.s.6@bk.ru

A distinct…


FPS, first person shooter, third person shooter, aim, Weapon System, IK, bullet physics, Character Controller, TPS

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DIscord: Assa#7727

mail: i.s.6@bk.ru

A distinct…

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Asset Title: Online FPS / TPS kit

Publisher: Assa

Category: templates, systems

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DIscord: Assa#7727

mail: i.s.6@bk.ru

A distinctive feature of this whale is that it uses one model to implement fps and tps (in others, two models are used, the model of the arms and the rest of the body)

Main features:

1. Movement (running and walking)

1.1 The ability to set the walking and running speed

2. Changing weapons:

2.1 Using ik for a more natural look

2.2 Individual positioning for each weapon for fine tuning

2.3 Configuring slots for each weapon (2 slots in the back, 1 on the chest, one on the thigh of the right leg)

3. Shooting (automatic, single, shotgun)

3.1 The ability to set the rate of fire

3.2 Bullet prefab for each weapon

3.3 Particle shot effect

3.4 Liner protrusion

3.5 Hit hole

3.6 Procedural curve-based shooting animation for each weapon to achieve more realistic shooting

3.7 Setting the recoil for the position of the weapon for its rotation, recoil for the camera and recoil for the back

3.8 Setting for a bullet: physical strength and speed

3.9 Setting for the shotgun the number of bullets and their accuracy

4. Aiming

5. Body tilts through a script on top of the animation (you can set the maximum tilt angle and tilt speed)

6. Body aim with weight distribution for each bone on top of animation

7. The body turns after reaching the maximum possible viewing angle

8. Custom event system for animations

8.1 Convenient window for editing (with the ability to select events and parameters from the window, (no need to write the name of the event every time))

8.2 Two kinds of events (based on curves and normal)

8.3 The ability to set events at the beginning of the animation during the update of the animation and the end of the animation

9. The ability to pick up weapons from the floor (distribution by slots)

10. Script for camera control (sensitivity, maximum viewing angle)

11. First and third person view

– documentation

– Unity 3d 2018.x, 2019.x, 2020.x

– DirectX 11

– .NET4x



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