⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ CHR – Complete Hover Racer – Published By Hoglet

Play demo for ANDROID and for


hover, Racing, race, antigravity, antigraviator, wipeout, upgrade, tunning, Ship, speed

Short Description:

Play demo for ANDROID and for ANDROID and for PC

CHR is a complete antigravity racer template,
full game prototype, ready for you to make your own legendary hover racer!


– Player selection system with ability to unlock new players.
– Ship upgrade system every ship can have unique upgrade pricing.
– Star and Gem currency collection handling.
– Dynamic build level selector with auto unlock by Stars management.
– Reward system unique for each level.
– IAP ready, pre defined function for in app gem purchase.
– Mobile ready controls with turn, brake and fire.
– Audio manager with easy playlist selection.
– Selectable Hover modes: Classic and PID based.
– Drift force setup for each ship.
– Cannon firing with object pooling and smart bullets.
– Homing missiles search and follow target.
– Race position calculation.
– Wrong way detection.
– Lap time counter with lap record saving.
– Turbo and Ammo pad prefabs, auto-snap to road layer.
– LWRP compatible color pulse shader for Turbo and Ammo.
– Editor Tools for prepare colliders and generate waypoint circuit.

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