Chess Game Mechanism : Complete Edition – Published By Freedom Developer

DEMO – WebGL is abit different on other platform when waiting for AI on their turn.

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DEMO – WebGL is abit different on other platform when waiting for AI on their turn.

WebGL |…


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Asset Title: Chess Game Mechanism : Complete Edition

Publisher: Freedom Developer

Category: templates, systems

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DEMO – WebGL is abit different on other platform when waiting for AI on their turn.

WebGL | Android(work the same as all other platform including iOS, windows, and macos)

-The full source code and assets of the demo is included in this package. All of the source code is written in C# and modifiable.

-The persistdata.jslib file in Plugins/WebGL folder is to persist saved game data even after user has closed the browser. Without it, saved game data in WebGL will be lost once user close the browser. No extra work needed.


  • Chess logic code are implemented using bitboard architecture, the best way to implement chess, it enhance performance. A simple guide on adding custom piece is included in the documentation.

  • Option to Initialize chess board with Forsyth-Edwards Notation(FEN) string, getting FEN string and ASCII string from board position. Convenient for puzzle implementation and debugging.

  • Complete EASY TO USE chess game logic available including castle move, en-passant move, pawn promotion(to knight/bishop/rook/queen), piece move rule, getting all pieces available moves on board, undo move, redo move, detecting if chess game is finished by checkmate or draw by fiftymoverule, three fold repetitions, insufficient materials, stalemate, etc etc etc….

  • Calculate the change in position score after each move, as display on the black and white bar located right side of Unity GUI in the video, letting user visualize the leading color on the board and how far they are against their opponent on the board position, customizable.

  • Fast and customizable AI,

Level 1 : 50 ELO.

Level 2 : 100 ELO.

Level 3 : 200 ELO.

Level 4 : 300 ELO.

Level 5 : 400 ELO.

Level 6 : 500 ELO.

Level 7 : 600 ELO.

Level 8 : 700 ELO.

Level 9 : 800 ELO.

Level 10 : 950 ELO.

Level 11 : 1100 ELO.

  • Heavily unit tested on all imaginable cases, should be free from bug on the chess logic.

  • (New) Save & Load Game, can save game started with FEN string, retaining all the historical moves when loading a saved game, works on all platform.

  • (New) Implemented Puzzle logic and tool such as correct puzzle move validation, convert all historical moves into EPD string and save into .xml file which can then use for starting a puzzle level etc. Added a new ChessPuzzle scene for creating puzzle level and for puzzle game purpose.

The License.txt file included in this package is for those chess piece images.

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