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The Air Warfare Pro is an air combat game template and it supports running on mobile devices.

This template was developed based on


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Short Description:

The Air Warfare Pro is an air combat game template and it supports running on mobile devices.

This template was developed based on

The Fighter Complete Template Pro


The Fighter Complete Template

In this template, it not only contains many different types of Player Fighters, but also includes 34 different types of AI Fighters

It can help you create your own fighter game easily.


The fighter can be controlled by the keyboard of the PC, and also can

be controlled by the D-pad and virtual buttons on the mobile device.

The Fighter Flight System is designed according to the aerodynamics of modern fighter

The Fighter HUD system is Realistic and High Fidelity.

It automatically calculates and shows current Speed, Altitude, Heading, Pitch Ladder, Horizon Line,and so on.

The Fighter Missile System has two working modes:

One mode is called Single-Target mode,which means only one attack target can be locked at once and the missile you will launch is called
the general missle(this missile is a short range missile).

Another mode is called Multi-Target mode, which means multiple target can be locked at once,and the missiles you will launch are called the special missiles(these missiles are the long range missiles).

The Fighter Machine Gun System has a maximum heat limit. When the maximum heat is exceeded, it will enter the cool down state . After the cooling is completed, the machine gun can be fired again.

All the the missiles, the bullets, and the particle effects use the Object Pooling System to spawn and recycle in this template.

Each fighter has different flight performance and the number of different weapons and weapons mounted.

The Fighter Radar System can display the units around the player in real time, including the missiles which have locked the player.

The Fighter Satelite System can display all the units which is in the valid battle area.

Because the size of the terrain cannot be infinite,so the size of the battle area must be limited.
The Valid Battle Area Detect Syetem is attached to the Player Fighter,when player crosses the valid battle area and enters the invalid battle area, at this time,the player must return to the valid battle area as soon as possible,otherwise, mission will fail.

You can easily switch the type of Player Fighter with just one click by the Fighter Switcher component on the Player Fighter.

The custom editor of each script has been carefully designed.

Their appearance is neat and friendly.

The types of AI fighters in three countries:

The USA AI Fighters:

F2, F4_E, F4G, F5_A, F5_E, F14_A, F14_B, F15_A, F15_E, F15_PE F16_A, F16_C, F18_C, F18_E, F18_H, F20

The Russia AI Fighters:

Mig29, Mig33, Mig_MFI, Su27, Su32, Su34, Su35, Su37

The Europe AI Fighters:

Typhoon, Rafale_C, Rafale_M, Mirage2000, Mirage200_C, Mirage2000_C, Mirage2000_N, Mirage_III, Mirage_V, Saab39, Jaguar

The AI fighters is spawned using AI Fighter Spawner

The AI fighters can have three different patrol modes:

1.Follow the route.

2.Fly freely in valid battle area.

3.Fly freely around the AI Fighter Spawner.

Include two big and beautiful environments
they are the Alps Mountain, and the Atacama Desert.

Each environment is made up of nine terrain blocks,and these terrains are generated from map data exported by Bing Map.

Detailed documentation

All script systems on the fighter:

– Fighter Center Control System.

– Fighter Hardware Input System.

– Fighter Mobile Input System.

– Fighter Flight System.

– Fighter Animation System.

– Fighter HUD System.

– Fighter Missile System.

– Fighter Machine Gun System.

– Fighter Camera System.

– Fighter Radar System.

– Fighter Satelite System.

– Fighter Switcher.


The FighterFlightSystem.cs script in the project has been encrypted as a DLL file, please do not purchase if you mind

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