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Support, Questions, News & Updates

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Magic & Melee Customizable Sound Library has been designed with customization and randomization in mind. Mix and match the component sounds, and you can have thousands of unique sounds.

Combine clips randomly at runtime, or export them with a single click and select your favorite combinations.


Air, Earth, Electric, Evil/Dark, Fire, Holy/Light, Ice, Poison, and Water magic includes multiple explosions, hits, warmups both long and short.

Combine these with generic buffs, hums and pulses, spell fizzles and fails, and more to create a huge array of magic sounds to that fit your spells.


Create combinations of weapon types and damage types: Flesh, Metal & Wood targets. Weapons include Axe, Bow & Arrow, Club, Fist, Shield, Sword.

Each group has 125 combinations based on the multiple weapon, target, and impact sounds.

⚔️🔮 Magical Weapons🧞🛡

Combine the Magic & Melee sounds together to create even more sounds like “Fire Sword” or “Dark Club”.

500+ Clips

Hundreds of thousands of possibilities

The Library starts with about 500 individual clips. In the demo scene there are over 3500 possible sounds, and hundreds of thousands when you start mixing and matching.


Check out more info & all of our models at InfinityPBR.com


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