Explosion Sound FX – Explosion Volume I – Published By TomWinandySFX

Listen to preview here


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Short Description:

Listen to preview here
Listen to preview here
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This large bundle of explosion sound effects contains 100 sounds including 84 explosions in close, medium and distant variations, perfect for explosions or mortar shells, bombs, grenades, charges or tanks, missiles, artillery, howitzers or other cannon fire.

It also includes a BONUS of 16 incoming shell whizz sounds.

All sounds feature a clean, high impact sound with no debris for maximum flexibility.

Technical Details
Features the following files in WAV format:

Close distance explosions – 28 sounds
Medium distance explosions – 28 sounds
Far distance explosions – 28 sounds
Incoming shell / bomb whizz – 16 sounds

Number of audio waves: 120
Sample rate: 44,100 Hz
Bit depth: 16 bit

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