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&#128276 ANNOUNCEMENT &#128276

Stylized Medieval Props
Available Now !


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&#128276 ANNOUNCEMENT &#128276

Stylized Medieval Props
Available Now !

Stylized Medieval Props
Available Now !

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A pack of stylized assets to create your own environments.

Use the stylized trees, plants and flowers of this package to create your landscapes.


Compatible with 2018.4.0 and higher.
All assets are designed for mid-high end PC and Console platforms (PS4/Xbox One).
Compatible with Built-in pipeline.
URP and HDRP compatibility for 7.xx versions only ! Does not currently support URP deferred rendering. Please follow the documentation if you are using URP or HDRP pipelines.


‣ LOD’s and collision meshes for all assets that need it
‣ Custom shaders for trees and rocks to enable color variation
‣ Translucency (built-in only) and wind shaders
‣ A prefab library ready for your needs
‣ Atlasing for optimising performances
‣ Amplify Shader compatibility


Preview the full content of the package in the screenshots section !

‣ 4 Trees with 8 leaves variations each and their dead tree version
‣ 1 stump
‣ 13 rocks
‣ 2 bushes (12 variations)
‣ 12 flowers with variants
‣ 4 plants
‣ 8 grass flower variations
‣ 4 grass variations
‣ Falling leaves particles
‣ Fire particles
‣ Smoke particles
‣ Fireflies particles
‣ Sunny hand painted skybox
‣ 2 ground textures

Music and sounds from the video are not included.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the assets, please contact us.


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